Rates and Reports
All clients will receive a monthly report reflecting all activity made on accounts, along with a remittance from the monies collected.
When new accounts are received by us, an acknowledgment statement will be sent to you as verification that our office has activated the claims and collection procedures have started.
 Included Benefits With Our Service
  • Louisville Collection Agency offers competitive rates
  • All accounts placed for collection are on a contingent fee only
  • There is no charge unless money is collected
  • No upfront fees or additional cost
  • Location of assets and skip tracing are included
  • No charge for monthly credit reporting and monitoring each account with the bureaus
  • No minimum on dollar amount or quantity of accounts placed
  • All accounts regardless of the size will receive several letters and telephone calls until account is settled in full
  • Accounts can be customized based on your unique requirement and needs
  • A variety of reports are available
  • Placements of claims are accepted by mail, email, or can be faxed to our office
Please contact our company directly so we may quote your office a competitive rate.