Placement of your accounts is quite simple!
Once the debtor has defaulted and is 60-90 days past due and you have exhausted all collection efforts then it is time to seek our professional help.  
Information Needed For Collection Process
1. Debtor’s full name, street address, city, state, zip, residence and employment telephone numbers, and the amount due. Debtor’s Social Security number is very helpful, but is not always necessary.
 2. We will need a copy of what supports your claim: contract; invoice; note; agreement; or, return checks. 
3. It will assist us to have any personal references of the account, date of birth, or any notations your office has documented trying to collect the debt. 
Medical Placement- A copy of the patient registration form is always very helpful, if your office can provide it. If insurance was rejected, please note the reason why the claim was not paid by the provider.  
If you would prefer to utilize our Placement Form, please click the city  icon below. When the form is completed please send to our office via email, facsimile, or US Postal Service. Our company also has a client portal. If you are interested please contact us so we can supply you a user name and password.