You have just taken the first step toward improving the collection of your past due accounts!
Louisville Collection Agency, (L.C.A.) has been established to serve a wide variety of businesses, along with medical and dental professionals. We have been collecting delinquent accounts for over 23 years, and have developed a successful approach that will benefit your office. Our rates are lower than many competitors in the Louisville area, and is strictly contingent based entirely on our collection success. 
Our company gives each account the individual attention that is needed regardless of its size, age, or nature. L.C.A. offers quality service and treats every client with incomparable priority. We are confident to serve you well, and provide the results you expect. 
Louisville Collection Agency operates in full compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and follows all federal laws enforced by The Federal Trade Commission, HIPAA Compliance Laws, and The Fair Credit Reporting Act